Sunday, April 12, 2015

Protein Filled Smoothies and Shakes

I have not been doing a lot of experimenting in the kitchen lately. I am intent on eating simply and keeping my nose to the grindstone where my workouts are concerned. We are leaving on vacation in a couple of weeks and I am determined to be at my best before we go!

One thing I have really been enjoying though, are protein filled smoothies and shakes.  I have a variety of protein powders that I particularly like… North Coast Naturals 100% ISO whey, Shakeology whey and also the Vega vegan powders.  They are all very different and I use them at various times for different needs.

I tend to use the Shakeology and the Vega powders mixed with unsweetened Almond Breeze and some fruit as a meal replacement… breakfast or lunch.  And I like the NCN powders mixed with Almond milk as a snack or after workout recovery drink.

I also really like a variety of fruits… frozen or fresh bananas, fresh strawberries, frozen mixed berries and blueberries, and a blend of frozen fruits from Europe’s Best called Caribbean Treasure  which has mangoes, strawberries and peaches.

Caribbean Treasure

And recently I discovered frozen cherries.  I belong to a couple of different Facebook groups that are nutrition and fitness communities, and many of the people who I come into contact with there happen to mention blending frozen cherries into their protein shakes. I looked for them every time I went shopping in all of my local markets and never saw cherries… all kinds of other fruits, but never cherries.

Until the last time we visited Costco, which we tend to do every 6 to 8 weeks.  And there they were… frozen cherries.  I grabbed a bag and tossed it into the cart immediately.

Frozen Cherries

I could barely wait to get home and rip that bag open!  And I was not disappointed!  Huge juicy, dark red cherries, individually frozen and pure delicious!


I admit to eating them right out of the bag, still fairly hard and very cold. They are refreshing and make a lovely snack!  But they really shine when blended into a protein shake.

The first time I tried them I used chocolate Vega One.  About 3/4 cup of cherries with 12 ounces of unsweetened original Almond Breeze and a packet of the protein powder.  It was fabulous!  Thick and sweet and really filling!  You can see the bits of cherries in the thick chocolate drink.


So of course I had to give them a try in a vanilla based drink… this time with a scoop of vanilla Shakelogy and 12 ounces of unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze…. Mmmm.  Again, great taste, and lovely color too!
Fresh with cherries

I think I will have to try a mix of cherries and banana next!  And I just know they are going to make a lovely soft serve, too.

What is in your favorite protein smoothie or shake lately? I am always on the lookout for new and tasty ingredients!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter Treat Roundup

I love this time of year!  We were luck to have a very mild Winter this year so the Spring flowers have been blooming for many, many weeks already, and the herons are nesting in the park across the street.  I am turning my kitchen efforts to Easter this week and sharing some fun and tasty Easter treats with you today.  An Easter Treat Roundup.

Easter Treat Roundup at

And yes, I will be coloring eggs for The Captain shortly.  This is something I have been doing since I was a child and I love to see a bowl or basket filled with colored hardboiled eggs on the table or countertop. Even when we were out cruising on the sailboat all those years, I made sure to color some eggs for The Captain. They are one of his favorite snacks.  And they are bright and cheerful too… on days when Spring storms seem to linger, especially!

If you aren’t sure how to get started doing them yourself, here are a couple of ideas:

Colored Easter Eggs

Coloring the Insides of Easter Eggs
And if while you are here, do take a look at some of these very creative and fun ideas too. Thanks to the other bloggers who shared their ideas with me so I could pass them along to you!  Please click on the link below the picture to find the recipe on the original blog post.

Just look at these great ideas!

Easter Bird's Nest Cookies
by Confessions of a Fitness Instructor

Triple Chunk Candy Cookies
by Healthy Helper

Healthy Chocolate Bunnies
by The Happy Health Freak

Raw Carrot Cake Bites
by Plaid & Paleo

Orange Ginger Meringues
by Healthy Helper

Deviled Egg Chicks For Easter
by Running With Perseverance

Sugar Snap Pea and Apricot Salad with Cashews
by The Plant Powered Dietician

Chocolate-Dipped Sunbutter Easter Eggs
by The Fit Cookie

And here is one more of my own:

Pretty Spring Cake Mix Cookies

Do you have a favorite Easter recipe or tradition? I would love to hear about it and if you have written a post, do leave a link in the comments for my readers to see as well.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

High Protein Waffles

I do love me some waffles… and I love to eat of protein at breakfast time so it was a natural that I was eventually going to mix some protein powder with some eggs whites and make waffles.  I can’t believe it took me so long…and I don’t know what else to call them… High Protein Waffles tells the story pretty much!  They are grain free and gluten free... bonus!

I have made them a couple of times now.  They get crispier the longer you cook them.  The first time I made them, The Captain could smell them from another room and thought I was burning sugar!


If you love waffles, you have got to try these.  I am sure you could use whatever protein powder is your favorite.  Make them vegan if you like.

And I promise you they will keep you full all morning… mine power me through a 7km run and cool down quite easily. 

The N.I. I am sharing is based on the North Coast Naturals 100% ISO Protein whey powder that I used.  Yours will vary of course.

High Protein Waffles

High Protein Waffles
Makes 1 serving
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1/2 cup egg whites
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder
  1. Mix all ingredients till well blended and pour batter into hot waffle iron.
  2. Cook according to the directions on your waffle iron.
  3. Remove and top with fruit of choice.
Per serving without fruit.
Weight Watchers P+ = 4.
Calories 171; Protein 37g; Carbohydrate 3g; Fat 1g; Fibre 0g.

2015-03-22 09.45.05
Yep, that is a lot of cinnamon on top!

What about you? Waffles or pancakes?

Do you eat more protein on days you work out or run?